NEW Crossville Countertops

Grade "A" Rating


One of the many things we do here at Longust is take the time to meet with our fabricators, customers, and anyone willing to learn new things. We are hands on with all our products on how they should be installed, cut and maintained. We want the best outcome for our customers as well as yours.

This past week one of our sales reps met with his Fabricator and had a 2 hour hands on meeting and test cutting session at his shop. This fabricator was so impressed with how easy cutting this product was. It did not chip, break, or over heat. The picture below is the 1/2" piece he cut, impressive, I know! He gave this product an "A" rating. If you scroll over to "Crossville" listed in our "Products" tab above, you can take a look at all of the different colors they have to offer.