Basis of Sale

Hardwood, LVT & Tile Business

Longust partners with floor covering retailers with an established store location offering material only and or professionally installed products to the public. 

Longust partners with floor covering subcontractors with and established office and or warehouse facility, which are bidding floor covering, work with general contractors, government agencies, major end users, apartment developers and home builders.

Longust partners with floor covering re-distributors with an established office showroom or warehouse facility reselling products to installation contractors, home builders, apartment management firms, commercial contractor, hospitality chains, government agencies and general classes of end users.

Longust partners with tile, wood and LVT state licensed specialty contractors bidding residential and commercial work with general contractor, builders, and major end users.

Basis of Sale

  • Where Longust’s Credit Department has extended open credit to Buyer terms shall be:
    • Ceramic, Laminate, LVT & Wood: Net 30 days from invoice date.
  • Order acceptance is subject to credit review and ability of manufacturer to supply.
  • Per industry standard, allow 5% for breakage and defective tiles when ordering Ceramic & Porcelain Tile
  • All prices subject to change without notice.
  • All Pallet Quantities shown are approximate and subject to change without notice.
  • All sizes listed are nominal sizes
  • All Ceramic & Porcelain Field Tile Sold in Full Cartons Only.
  • Material(s) purchased, at your direction, from associate distributors will be subject to a 15% handling fee and associated freight cost.
  • All orders that are 30 days Past Due Ship date or Will-Call date WILL BE CANCELLED.
  • When placing orders, part numbers will always supersede color descriptions. Please confirm both part number and color prior to order placement.
  • When placing orders by phone the order will be read back to you to ensure you receive exactly what you intended on ordering so listen very carefully to verify accuracy.
  • When placing orders by fax or e-mail; a fax or e-mail order confirmation will be sent back with a reference number. Please check the confirmation for accuracy.
  • A service charge will be applied for picking up partial orders. There will be an additional $15.00 added to orders per line split, partial pickup.
  • Inspect all material prior to installation; Installation constitutes acceptance.  If material is installed, all issues are subject to manufactures approval and or warranty

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